вторник, 25 януари 2011 г.


Adorable Emma...from that charming child of the movie scenes, now she looks like a professional model on the catwalk. She is really stylish and I love the way she looks. Emma is young and confident, had the perfect body and rocks with cool outfits! Congrats girl!

сряда, 19 януари 2011 г.


The day was long and great. Happy, satifsfied and inspired I go to bed. Just before that I make myself another reminder of my next publication: Emma for Burberry. A bit old in fashion world, but remarkable!

понеделник, 10 януари 2011 г.


This photosession for Vogue Spain stopped my breath - literary! I love love love this woman, because of her beauty! I this that this is one of the best looks I've seen soon. I love fairy tales and Olivia is like a real princess-graceful and beautiful. She is just like a dream!....if I could find the person, whose idea this photoshooting is I will hug and squeeze him/her to death!

понеделник, 3 януари 2011 г.


A New Year came...filled with hope and joy! I have done my list of resolutions and I will start ticking them up soon :) I am pretty sure that these people won't see this but I have to do it. I have to send my best wishes, hugs and kisses to my favourite bloggers: The Sartorialist (the greatest photographer on EARTH!!!); CHICMUSE (the most stylish Girl with the magnetic eyes); Dulce Candy (the sweetest girl-soon-mummy) and the last but not least FriChic (the best blogger in my country, she is lovely)! Keep inspiring me guys!

вторник, 28 декември 2010 г.

събота, 30 октомври 2010 г.


I was trying to post this photosession for a while....actually for a long long time, but I first forgot and than I had no time. So what I would like to say about this photosession is only one word: Perfection! Enjoy :)

вторник, 19 октомври 2010 г.


Let me tell you about a person I'm inlove since....1999 and a song called "If you had my love". I adore Jennifer Lopez more than 10 years and I think I will love her forever! For me she is the PERFECT woman. One of the most beautiful creatures on Earth...she has the voice, she has the carees, well I don't like her husband that much, but everything next to her looks nice :) and they have those wonderful twins.....oh I can blog about her all my life.
The surprise came when I went to grab my cosmo and next to it on the shelf I saw my lovely princess. SHE was looking at me from that Glamour cover. I usually buy only cosmo in my country as soon as we don't have Vogue. And Cosmo is more funny than fashion, but I am used to it since my teenage years. However, I grabbed J Lo and brought her home! And when I opened the magazine....this was when my heart stopped! I saw those pictures and I could die! I told you she is perfect, now tell me how can she be beter than that? But she was!!!!! Posing for those lovely pictures she looks more perfect than ever! I kept staring at her for a while and my love for her grew even more! So here she is, my passion: Jennifer Lopez!